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Due to the overwhelming amount of orders, please allow up to 4 weeks to receive your custom piece. All NYC SEX TRASH pieces are made to order, original and one of a kind. The designer handcrafts everything herself and spends time to make sure you're receiving the highest quality piece possible. xo

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All sales are final due to it's one of a kind nature.


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 Stephanie Paterek's journey from a passion for different eras to establishing her own clothing line, NYC Sex Trash, is a fascinating story of creativity and success. Her unique blend of rock 'n' roll style, vintage lingerie, and artistry has set her apart in the fashion industry.

The birth of NYC Sex Trash in 2009 marked a significant milestone for Paterek, who drew inspiration from her experiences as a designer, stylist, and artist in the vibrant and influential environment of New York City. Her commitment to creating custom-made and hand-embellished pieces that accentuate the curves of a woman's body reflects her dedication to craftsmanship and individuality.

The runway debut at Patricia Field's yacht party and subsequent support from Trash and Vaudeville propelled NYC Sex Trash into the limelight. The endorsement from world-renowned figures like Lady Gaga further solidified Paterek's unique designs. Lady Gaga's appearances in NYC Sex Trash in music videos and public events elevated the brand's profile, leading to collaborations and exhibitions, such as the Lady Gaga art show in Paris.

Noteworthy moments include Lady Gaga in custom SexTrash in the “Born this Way” video, Britney Spears and her backup dancers wearing custom NYC Sex Trash pieces in the "Work Bitch" music video and Beyoncé featuring Sex Trash in the "Haunted" music video release. The brand's reach extends to custom tour wardrobe collaborations with celebrities like Taylor Momsen and Bebe Rexha.
Ellie Goulding and Megan Massacre, and involvement in styling music videos for various bands.

Paterek's hands-on approach to the fashion industry goes beyond her design studio. She collaborates with friends and muses like Taylor Momsen, ensuring her influence extends to stage looks, editorial spreads, and music videos. Additionally, her involvement in styling for music videos of notable artists and designing outfits for Miami's popular nightclubs showcases her versatility and engagement with diverse aspects of the fashion world.

The exclusivity of NYC Sex Trash in key fashion capitals such as NYC, London, Japan, and Paris, as well as its presence in Nicola Formichetti's pop-up stores, underlines the brand's international appeal. Stephanie Paterek's journey exemplifies the fusion of passion, creativity, and industry recognition that has positioned NYC Sex Trash as a distinctive force in the fashion landscape.

Stephanie Paterek's collaboration with Onslot to launch the ready-to-wear brand "Love Cage" represents a strategic move to expand her influence and reach in the fashion industry. The partnership culminated in the successful showcasing of Love Cage collections at Lingerie Fashion Week, an event that likely provided a platform to display the brand's unique aesthetic and style.The endorsement from celebrities like Alexa Ray Joel, who wore a significant portion of the Love Cage collection.

The collaboration with Onslot and the establishment of Love Cage as a successful ready-to-wear brand not only showcases Stephanie Paterek's versatility as a designer but also positions her as a prominent figure in the ever-evolving landscape of the fashion industry.

Paterek’s work has been featured in a variety of magazines including Vogue, Nylon, Filler, Zink, 25 Magazine, Galore Magazine, Revolver, Rolling Stone, cover of FHM magazine, Marie Claire, Glamour magazine, cover of INKED, VIBE, GRIT, Faze, The Sunday Mirror, US Weekly, KERRANG, Hercules and Japan's Vivi and Kera Magazine.  

Also has been featured on online sites such as  Perez Hilton's Coco Perez, Fashion Indie, Refinery 29, High Snobette , Huffington Post, Gaga Fashionland.